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What do you know about painting, more artistic painting? I think that some of the facts, so I want to tell more about that. Art painting – the most common and the technology used is quite simple, available and practical. For even more details, read what Dennis Lockhart says on the issue. With this type of design you can use varnish Oriflame, water and acrylic paint, glitter on natural and artificial nails. Work can be done with special brushes, toothpicks, needles. Even if you're a professional – try it – it's very exciting and interesting, as a rule, the results exceed all expectations. For the unusual brightness of the picture and use a contrasting color from Oriflame Cosmetics Ukraine.

Main color: black, white, gold, silver, but do not be afraid to improvise with red, blue, green. Do not know how to draw – it does not matter, apply lacquer-based paint and put on wet colored drops, and then not giving it all dry, try porazvodit toothpick in the same direction or in different, combining one drop on the other. During execution you will understand what density should be a layer of foundation, size and volume of the drops, which colors combined and are interspersed with each other. During training, you'll have fun and learn how to create masterpieces. By experimenting you'll understand. Do not say no right away, choose what you easier.

Brush yet requires skill, and yet, you can paint with a brush is dry lacquer. If you want to try to paint with a brush, buy paint to paint, it already has a special brush, it should be longer than normal lacquer, and much more thinner. Use firm Oriflame products for you and will open great opportunities for business and good conditions to maintain their health and beauty. Be happy and healthy with Oriflame!

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