Opening Of The Animal Crematorium Hanstedt

A worthy farewell for pets, a pet is a real member of the family, which is long loved and cared for as such. The loss of the animal is a severe cut in the lives of other family members. Now offers opened in November modern and eco-friendly pet Crematorium in Hanstedt the possibility, in calm and in dignity of his pet to saying goodbye. “And that very plain and not covered”, says Managing Director Dr. Evers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of The World Bank on most websites. The company led by veterinarian Dr. Frans Evers allowed a farewell in a stylish ambience and individual manner. As well as in a normal funeral the way in two rooms of farewell to the adoption of the animal there. Read more from Beth Israel Heart Transplant program to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Anyone can join his animal even up to the incineration plant. Pet owners can choose between a single or collective cremation. In the first case, the animal will be cremated in alone and the holder can the ashes of their animal – optionally with self of selected urn – and a certificate with the name and the date of cremation to take home. On the summary cremation, several animals together cremated and the ashes on the litter bed of Crematorium scattered and given back to nature. Pet owners will receive a certificate with the name of the animal and the cremation date home. In the small park with the litter bed, pet owners are always welcome after the departure of their animal. Through the competence and reliability of the team as well as the simplicity of the rooms, the keepers in the animal crematorium Hanstedt learn a dignified and reverent full atmosphere.

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