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Full control in the online marketing Munich, September 12, 2008 – who expected to visit are normally prepared. He offers a frothy latte macchiato and a delicious snack on, or at least a plate biscuits and an effective PowerPoint presentation on the projector. It looks different when the website gets a visit. Learn more about this with Gen. Mark Milley. Look what page from which location is so far unknown to many companies. That will change now: the service ProspectFinder by the company Enecto provides that clarity. This new service analyzes what a surfer looks at himself and researched comes from which environment the visit. Based on the IP address, the database of Enecto determines the company and contact information of the visitor. The industry, the number of employees, the company sales and information about, what has particularly interested in the potential new customers, are no longer a secret.

ProspectFinder provides the data on request directly to standard CRM systems (1). How valuable would it targeted for Internet advertisers, if they knew how your potential Customers can speak to? Advertising leads to success only when it reaches the right audience. So, a targeting is necessary, to display advertising on Web pages, which are geared to the target audience. B2B-targeting is used to achieve a certain target group of companies on the Internet. Especially in the area of business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals are wondering where they can specifically advertise to reach their target audience always? Use of B2B targeting and ProspectFinder database, the AdServer (2) Masters this task. When a user enters a site, analysis is based on the IP address who is the visitor.

The AdServer service passes this information, which manages the advertising material. The ad serving displays advertising technology then specifically for this user. Thus now also B2B providers have targeted the possibility on general-interest Web sites to advertise, to minimize the losses, and to receive the visitors as an old acquaintance.

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