Oil Market

THE MARKET AND ORIENTATION FOR INGRESSION IN THE CAREERS OF THE OIL: Had to the success of the text on the courses of oil and gas and based in the hundreds of commentaries, I decided to write plus this text to help the colleagues who have the intention to work in the market of oil and gas. Since child I hear to speak in the end of the age of the oil. Every day we hear to speak on the substitution of fsseis fuels for other forms of energies you renewed. It occurs, however, that the oil, gas, coal and its derivatives still go to delay very to be total substituted. The other forms of energy not yet can compete with mineral fuels, either for question of price, same storage or of efficiency. When we speak of oil always we remember automobiles and bombs of the fuel ranks. It occurs, however, that this is only one of the destinations of the oil. The majority of the people if forgets the petrochemical industry.

It is who transforms the oil into all other by-products that serve of substance cousin for a infinity of products gifts in our day the day. Almost all the synthetic materials are by-products of the oil. In them the types plstidos, PVC, nylon, rubber bands, synthetic pigments of inks, fabrics and until industrialized foods are includios all. Being thus the oil it goes to have long life and it will continue being part of our lives and many generations that are for coming. How to prepare for paid a promising career and that good wages? First we must follow the valid advice for any professional career, specifically let us see some advice who if must have in mind in relation to the market of work in a way gerla and in the oil: A company is not a charity institution: It is important to remember that no company of the job to the individual for being boazinha.

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