Norton Internet Security

5. Advertisement filter for e-mail to advertising junk (spam) did not get to the mailbox owner's computer. Often, many of these tools, including firewalls, combined in packages of comprehensive protection of PC (eg, Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security). (Not to be confused with Federal Reserve Bank!). More want to stay on the safety issues when working with e-mail, which is the most popular Internet service, leaving behind search engines, social networking, instant messaging and IP-telephony. 'Doff thy me on' Soap '! " – Today, the phrase sounds as natural as it used to 'Call me!'. And it is not surprising: the digital letter comes to the recipient within a few seconds after sending, even if the message attached to 'heavy' files – photos, music or videos. Via e-mail on a computer hackers can penetrate. As an option they can try to learn through deliver false messages data access to a bank account or download to your hard drive malware.

Fraudsters are interested primarily owners of electronic purses. How to protect yourself from such hazards and how to protect your privacy? 1. When you register on various forums and dating sites have to specify a valid email address. For these purposes it is best suited so-called disposable address: they can be used to register and to receive a letter with registration information. After a while the address will be automatically deleted: after a single use it is hardly useful. Create it There are two ways. a) If you want a one-time address, you can vospolovatsya mail service Spambog, which provides e-mail addresses of the form: Name for a short time.

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