Newcastle Festivals – A City Of Festivals

Newcastle is a city that knows how to really party and you can find out yourself by during one of the annual events to visit the city. The city is located in the North of the River Tyne, and was founded in the second century after Christ. Since then the city with regard to culture, architecture, and business grew. Newcastle is also a tourist destination, in which something does happens. Therefore, it is also ideal for trips throughout the year.

Newcastle offers a lot of different festivals throughout the year and it is always clear that you like at least one of them. Perhaps the most famous place in Newcastle is the Tyne bridge, which connects Newcastle Gateshead across the River Tyne was used. In the 16th century, Newcastle was the capital of the Northeast. The city controls important ship transport on the River Tyne. The most traded it with coal. Here, some Newcastle are festivals that take place in the course of the year.

Science Festival: This chic town is the home for the annual science encouraged Festival, which began in 2002 and leaves still a scientific curiosity in the minds of young adults and adults, and this, to make their career in the field of science. Since 2009, 160,000 different old people from different backgrounds and interests participated in 300 events, which were carried out in 50 places, such as shopping malls, museums, cinemas, bars, restaurants, discos, libraries, gardens, historic castles, colleges and universities. It is a festival that lasts between 6 and 10 days and offers movies, live speeches, family events, demonstrations, workshops, etc. Newcastle Beer Festival: for those who want to do it on a festival which is particularly popular in the UK, the drink is the Newcastle Beer Festival ideal. The event takes place every April and is organized by the CAMRA. During your visit you can try through various beer types, which you can make the trip unforgettable. EAT Festival: this festival is exactly that what it says. A paradise for people who love to eat. The EAT Festival invites different chef of around the world to show their skills in the massive Festival. The EAT Festival offers over 40 different stands, which offer different specialties of the United Kingdom and the world. Also, there are quality products from farmers, cheese makers, to name a few bakers and fishermen to a few examples! A main reason of the EAT Festival is to improve knowledge of the culinary arts and food in the North East of England. If you like to eat, this festival is ideal for you. There, you can make your taste buds to the test. The EAT Festival invites visitors from around the world to free samples of food to eat and to drink, and you can be sure that you have a fantastic time. If you travel by ferry, relax already even on the trip.

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