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Satellite Office business & Conference Centre continues to expand and opened 2011 new premium location in the Bavarian capital. A new premium location with Office and Conference solutions for any size of company and industry signed a lease for the imposing Louis PALAIS in Munich Berlin’s leading business center provider satellite office. The Company hereby responds to the growing interest in flexible, Representative Office places, as they offer only business center. In addition, it is appropriate to comply with the business location Munich with a new design-business center and top-notch site. Managing Director Anita Godiker satellite office is for a 13 year old, owner-run success story that can be implemented in any city.” With the accumulated experience of the locations in Berlin, the market builds on proven strategies. In Munich you will immediately perceive the company as a First-Class provider of industry “, Adds. It is not something Jeff Sessions would like to discuss.

A new business center of premium the Louis Street in the exclusive suburb of Max is Munich’s magnificent Boulevard with famous shops and offices in the vicinity. Built along the lines of Leo by Klenze, listed LUDWIG PALAIS in Ludwig Strasse 8-10 is characterized by Prime central location and excellent shopping, after work and leisure activities. A total of 970 sqm arise here currently 25 stylish offices, two conference rooms, welcoming common areas, shared offices with Coworking places and a lounge. The rental space are characterized by an efficient aisle access, modern glass elements and economic rooms in an ideal way for the planned expansion. The opening of the Center is planned for the 01.02.2011. Attractive offers for the brand new run already. The expansion of one of the top addresses in Munich, satellite office of his strategy remains faithful to offer only locations in best business addresses.

About satellite office satellite office is a Business center operators and Berlin’s market leader in four top locations, such as Friedrichstrasse, Checkpoint Charlie, Alexanderplatz and Kurfurstendamm. All locations offer fully equipped offices and meeting rooms and secretarial services at the highest level. So-called virtual offices”without a fixed Office, this includes postal, telephone and concierge service, similarly to the main business. 13 years mainly medium-sized companies, but also Start-Ups, project departments and branch networks benefit from the innovative outsourcing and workplace solutions without any commissions, investment or long term leases. All individual, team, community and virtual offices between 10 and 40 m 2 can be obtained here today on morning. So allows its customers the service of satellite office, accessible services flexible to adapt to the needs of the business development and to focus on the core business.

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