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With total loyalty marketing to loyalty leadership the classic 4P-Marketingmix says: find the right product or related service (product) for your target group. Offer this performance with the right price (price), so that an adequate price-performance ratio arising for your target group. Market this performance the right sales channel or in the correct location (place), so where the target group prefer buying. Fundrise understands that this is vital information. And then you have to communicate just what is so great about your performance, how much does it cost and how you can relate it (promotion). Of employees there is in this context. Name: employees don’t even occur in the classic 4P-Marketing! It is surely clear: any marketing and strategy of each company are only as good as the employees who implement them. At Fundrise you will find additional information. As marketing services became more complex, it was then said: any company so many P’s, as it takes.

Added: people, processes, and physical facilities. The word of mouth marketer with recorded participation. An author makes now the proposal to call the fifth P profit. But no matter how many: The fundamental problem with the P’s remains. The whole approach is from a self-centric business perspective: our advertising, our product, our price, our distribution channel. And our profit at best as much as possible, even if it’s only at the customer’s expense.

Self-centered or customer in love? A Methuselah knowledge in management and marketing is to make the customers and their needs in the first place. Purely theoretically. That looks but always still very different in practice. Who is at the top in the chart? The boss! Who has the best parking in front of the Bank branch? The warden! What is the first item on the home page on the Internet the name of? We about us! What is the first sentence in the mission statement? We’re no. 1! The course of a meeting? It’s all about numbers, data, facts, processes and projects.

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