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Prince Edward Island with the red fields, the northern evergreen forests and white sandy beaches to the form of a crescent and is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island stretches for 280 km in length and from 6 to 65 km in width. Each visit Prince Edward Island lifts all spirits. The longest bridge in Canada – Confederation Bridge and the longest bridge in the world, which extends through the ice water, connecting the province with the mainland, sharply went off the shimmering expanse of blue water. To read more click here: Sheila Bair.

The island's capital Charlottetown – a well-designed colonial port with beautiful nature and well-kept wooden houses. Rural area Prince Edward Island for unforgettable tourists. In the autumn it seems that the island sank into the red: red soil, red sand and incredible eye dazzling trees, which are their leaves in the sun. Prince Edward Island is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and a very high cliffs, from the North Cape and ending with the beautiful Bay Islands National Park. Prince Edward Island – is the smallest province in Canada, located in North Atlantic between the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait by sea and St. Lawrence.

Despite the small population size, the island's inhabitants are very proud of and protect their land. Locals say that in order to be a real Islander, need, here is born. Nevertheless, the island's inhabitants welcome visitors with enthusiasm, happy to entertain them with delicious home-grown with their own hands, products, such as the famous "New potatoes" or tasty lobster, clams, are abundant on the island of ducting. Most people spend a lifetime on the island, never leaving it. Their travel route to Prince Edward Island, you can start with Charlottetown to Port-La-Joy-Fort Amherst, visited the French villages, National Park, white sand beaches, green roofs – home immortalized in the book "Anne of Green Gables," Lucy Maud Montgomery, now a museum Cavendish located within the park. Further along the route through Bridge Stanley, where there is a large marine aquarium in New London. By visiting this island, the tourists leave with unforgettable memories not only of the colorful nature, but also from Quiet, peaceful and friendly islanders.

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