New Investment Strategy

It’s a new world which is for investors, companies and also for debtor ha opened it is a new world of NPL non performing loans. It is a new world that has opened up for investors, companies and also for borrowers. The protagonists of these “NPLWelt” are banks, building societies, insurance companies and financial investors. Of course also a Federation has formed in this course, which is to represent the interests of the investors. It involves credit and servicing the Federal Association, Managing Director is Mr by Sandy. The financial world is Sandy’s life with all its facets. He most recently worked at the NOA Bank (in insolvency) as a Bank Executive. The Federal Association of credit and servicing represents according to own statements the financial investors that deal with the recycling of non-performing loans.

This recovery was advised at the beginning of the business unit in the negative discussion mainly from political side. Today we know that just as investors are often the only chance for debtors economically “Light at the end of the tunnel to see”. Of course, investors want to earn money with the acquisition of call packages, but often these packages to a such a low price obtained, that even if an agreement on “low”basis with the debtor, generated income for the financial investor. Financial investors are involved in addition to settlement talks with the debtor, and on the narrow scope of banks, building societies or insurance companies, which makes them “Air” meets the two parties to find an agreement.

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