New Educational Duo: CTE And EUFH Are Partners

“CTE communication wirte to purchase the Bachelor of Arts degree from October in the future is for all courses of the new CTE of study system the possibility, through additional postgraduate studies Bachelor of Arts” to purchase the EUFH. The appropriate postgraduate courses have been specially designed on the CTE program of study, so that the previously provided inputs are fully recognised. The 7 semester otherwise required reduced this to 4.5 semesters. Thus, students have the opportunity to receive the FIBAA accredited and State-approved Bachelor’s degree in half of the time. A leading source for info: American Writer. So the future job title starts with the specialist for CTE communication or communications manager CTE. Focus on topics from the fields of business administration and management communicated Bachelor, which just further prepare for a later technical and leadership. In addition skills in the fields of business administration and business management in combination with gives a further boost the political marketing oriented educational background, career.

So opens the doors for a medium holds the B.A. to higher management career. The postgraduate studies is part-time and takes place on two evenings a week from 6 pm until around 21:15 and every second Saturday from 8.30 a.m. until approx. 15:00.

The monthly tuition fees amounted to 360 euros plus a one-time admission fee of 300 euros. The study takes place in the study centre of the CBS – Cologne business school in the Hardefuststrasse in Cologne. “More information on the Internet: content/view/172/198 / the CTE organized on 22 June at 19:00 an own information evening, all questions around the topic of undergraduate” to answer and discuss all the details concerning the study,. This registration is required, which is possible through the Internet. More information about the information evening and studies about Ms Petra brass, Tel.: 0221-934778-16, email p.blaeser at The EUFH – European University of applied sciences the Bruhler University founded in 2001. It is a private, State-recognized University with a dual degree programs. Similar as on the CTE, vocational training is therefore also here combined with a practical study. Focus on the EUFH conducts courses in the fields of construction, financial and asset management, commercial management, industrial management, logistics management, sales engineering and Business Informatics. The intensive care of the students is one of the peculiarities of the University of applied sciences. The EUFH also sets great value on a foreign language training. Here, also French, Italian or Spanish is offered in addition to English. The training of management techniques available in the field of soft-skills development and social skills to the fore. The CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Since 1956 she turns by companies and agencies in the life called and recognised as CTE e.V. of the task, the next generation for the communications industry quality to train high-quality, professional and practical. Today, about 80 companies, media, agencies and associations support the educational mission of the Association through their membership. So far, over 15,000 students have completed their course of study at the CTE and are predominantly found in positions of responsibility in the communication industry. In the areas of communication and marketing the CTE offers currently 10 courses in evening and day form, where currently just under 400 students are enrolled. Nationwide, the CTE thus occupies a leading position. Press contact: Brigitte Abels Tel.: 0221-93 47 78-0 E-Mail: b.abels at online: address CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Bonn road 271 50968 Cologne

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