The shaving is something very personal and can be very different following the nationalities. Although sometimes it is said, all the women we are not equal and in shaving subject coverall. It seems that the Latin women have more problems with the beautiful one because usually they have it more abundant and dark. Nevertheless in countries of the north of Europe, Australia or New Zealand usually is different. The women usually have less hair and more clearly, which makes the shaving most comfortable, in some zones they do not even need to shave them. In some countries of Europe as Spain is very common to shave the complete leg, whereas in some countries of South America as Chile and Brazil usually shave average leg, because less hairs in the thigh are had or it is pelusilla that can happen unnoticed.

In the centers of aesthetic Spaniards the most common zones of shaving are the armpits and the English. In the case of the English, the majority of shaves it enough to the women reduced but it does not get to be complete. In Brazil, nevertheless, it usually they become complete and in Chile a small part only shaves. The Italian Spaniards, Portuguese and tend to frequently shave the zone of the abdomen. Usually one deals with smooth hair type pelusilla, but that if he is dark can create a shade not very aesthetic, reason why he is something normal within the shaving in these countries. And not only the type of hair is different according to the country, if not that the type of shaving that is also chosen is it normally. Usually it happens that the shaving of the legs takes control of wax or other methods whereas the armpits or the English are preferred to do with definitive shaving, like the laser, since these zones are the more frequent in shaving.

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