National Socialism

Spencer fears, not without reason, that to get as varied, active and dominant state action, it would impose significant burdens on part of the nation working for the benefit of the pampas. And it's true if it should benevolence to the point that the pampas have to work to live, to which never may, _-it would weaken the individual action, and taxing the status of holders of some wealth, not sufficient for that to silence the needs and desires of those who do not have … … and says Marti Spencer says: The man who now wants to take care of the state not to have him take care of themselves … .- to be stewards of itself would man to be a servant of the state, a slave of the capitalists as they say now would become a slave of servants. Slave is a man who works for another who has dominion over him.

He says in another parte. "And as officials are human beings and, therefore, abusive, arrogant, ambitious and in that organization would have great power, supported by all the dishonest use or all abuses, and those vile forces that always charges among the oppressed, terror, prelitigio or skill of those who command, this system of distribution of work would soon suffer from the grief, violence, theft and misrepresentation that the spirit of individuality, authority and boldness of genius, and the cunning of vice soon and fatally in any human organization. The methods of today based on the experience of the Nazis) National Socialism), and Stalinist Soviet power and some teachings of Franco, the friend of Galicia.

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