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Ideas for libraries To improve and to update the collections and their organization or to incorporate technologies of the information to facilitate the work librarian are some of the basic activities that any scholastic library must realise to become a useful tool for the scholastic community. Equal of important is that it includes within his plan activities and projects appointed to students parents and professors who are able of direct and attractive way to foment the pleasure by the reading in the new generations.Of the different winning projects in several editions from the National Contest of good practices for the invigoration and innovation of the libraries and of other propose activities by diverse educative centers, CONSUMER EROSKI has selected those fundamental ideas generic that any scholastic library can put in practice: To inform: if they do not know what can read, they will not read. As what it serves to have a more and more ample collection if envelope does not inquire she? In order to make it the libraries they count on a good number of resources: to make quarterly guides with the new features that have gotten up and a brief review, to use a plank to list the bottoms that are gotten up, to maintain to the parents and professors informed into the recommendable readings for the students of each age or to place in an exhibitor in the library those the titles more read by ages in the form of " top ten" , they are some ideas so that the lack of information is not the cause of which the students do not read. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeff Flake. To celebrate: any occasion is good to celebrate it with books. Why not to compile all the titles of an author when a significant date in its biography is marked, to make an informative leaf and to distribute it enter the students to animate to them to know it; or to celebrate the anniversary of an event with Literature, for example, seven decades of II the World war through the books that speak of her. .

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