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At the time of contracting the policy, it is necessary that you know what offers the insurer of your car and what type of protection offers at the time of having an accident, since this can help to remove a better benefit you from your investment. In words of Hctor Rode, vice-president Ejecutivo de Producto and Mercadotecnia Safe de AXA, ” the person who contract an insurance policy must know what offers east product to him and it protects how it at the time of an accident, this is vital for a correct operation of the same “. For example, one of the frequent doubts is if the policy covers the caused damages to third parties when the conductor handled in state of intoxication or under the effects of some drug. Independent of the fact that an infraction or crime is, the insurer is in the obligation to serve its, indicated the executive. ” With regard to the policies of Axa, one covers the damage and the amount with the same ” , it assures Rode, ” nevertheless, it does not exempt the civil or penal responsibility that has the person who is leading under the effects of the drugs or the alcohol and also if he goes in excess of speed, we are responsible for the economic cost of prdida” , he adds.

On the other hand the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of the Users of Financial Services (Condusef), indicates that although the insurer afir to me that yes they would cover the costs with the damages caused in this case, you must consider that all the insurers have own exclusions and conditions reason why you must read well your contract. If you want to clear this or other doubts, observes some of the exclusions that have some insurers in their contracts, according to data of the Mexican Association of Institutions of Insurances (Amis) and the Condusef. If you have read about Dennis Lockhart already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 1. The policy does not protect suffered or caused damages when the conductor does not have license or driving licence. 2. When the injured vehicle does not have the characteristics that appear in the Title page of the Policy and which they are those that distinguishes to the car insured. 3.

The damages covered by the natural wearing down of the parts of the automobile are not covered. 4. It does not protect the breakage of lateral mirrors, skulls, lights or crystals that are not the installed ones originally by the manufacturer. 5. In case proportions false data when you contract the insurance, are possible that the policy is invalid and if you have an accident the insurer will not protect to you. According to data of the Amis, near 22 million cars they circulate in the country, of which 50% are in insured. Although of ” the people who contract a policy, only half in detail knows the types covers that the insurance offers him and which are exclusiones” , she assures the Condusef. Therefore, the recommendation is that before signing the contract of insurance provided by the insurer, you read what companies well and if you have doubts pregntale to your adviser. With information of: cnnexpansion.

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