Multi Level Marketing

MLM in the scientific work hardly present MLM is a serious employee referral marketing sales approach and others. Various illegal pyramid schemes provide however for a negative reputation of the multi level marketing idea. Numerous independent sales people who engage in favor of the company on a Commission basis are in the MLM. Multi level marketing (MLM) or referral marketing often has a very bad reputation. Considering the topic of structural distribution as a means of direct sales but more closely, one finds that nearly every company in connection with the own sales activities at least in part uses the MLM for themselves. Because without referral marketing, a company in the rarest cases can further develop.

And why the person who gives the advice can benefit not. Without network none who is active in the distribution or sale of a company, knowing that by increasing competition worldwide battle for customers has become very hard. I.e., the prospect looks and compares the different offers in order to get the best for yourself. Blame for the bad reputation of the MLM is therefore not the situation itself, to rely on the recommendations of others but so-called pyramid schemes, which are prohibited by law. That is a legitimate network marketing system relies on a systematic and content correct form of advertising. Vertical structure of sales, which is similar to a widely branched tree except it’s upside down in the MLM case is typical of MLM. Many independent consultants or representatives shall ensure that the companies can operate in the long term. The sales manager at MLM is like a network and can be compared as we know them in social networks with the structure.

Science with MLM-style firm that put on MLM insurance companies, cosmetic companies or advertising platforms are concerned. Multi level marketing is no typical science topic, as for example Chambers or other facilities rather dubious MLM activities warn, because the topic once concrete and serious light. The work of Claudia Gross, multi-level marketing. Identity and ideology in the network marketing, from the year 2008 outlines successful science serious on the subject of MLM. Sahab

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