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I can say that light furniture – it is really 95% of sales. The quality of the children's furniture, which is represented in major trading centers of Moscow and the country as a whole, about the same. Therefore, the main factor that determines merchantability models for today is the design. How far the idea of design in this sense? IV: design idea has moved behind the client's needs. We see that here it is interesting to people – we try to respond quickly and offer new solutions.

I read about how, for example, are developing new models of cars, 'Mercedes'. They have a rule: a new model should not differ greatly from the previous one. Otherwise, it has a shock effect on consumers, so he is not ready to move quickly. And we usually tozheuchityvaem rule. And recently we released a case-fire, our own patented design. Global priority, however, failed to prove, but the author evidence we still issued. I thought so: no one does because in the children's room fireplace, and the kids love them! But there are situations where space is limited, and for such cases, we combined the cabinet with a fireplace.

We are the first Month-sell offer this cabinet-fire, and, you know, demand – a huge difference. I was not expecting, because this is a new product, it should be used. Especially now usually a customer comes, he looks, and buy only after 2-3 months. And we have a the first month is very good sales results. Do not you think that fire is not very necessary for children? VI: I will tell you a secret: I have two children – a boy and a girl. The boy is children's furniture, which is a thumbnail adult room. And I'm campaigning for customers that option, saying that at the time of Louis XIV furniture in the children has always been like that. A: Yes, at the time of Louis XIV, by the way, there was even a special children's fashion as such.

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