Moscow Business Owners

And business owners agree to pay for seminars, realizing their importance for the company. Foreigners their quirks, however, all of the above does not mean that work on the Western ideal scenario. In Moscow have long been legends about the vagaries of foreign management. Employers who give staff electronic Pass the toilet to control the timing of the lack of a specialist in the workplace – it is reality. Exactly the same as telephone tapping, and exploring personal e-mail, and chocolate medals as a reward.

Of course, such methods of education personnel is not peculiar to all foreign employers. Something out of "FOREIGN", of course, can be perceived positively. For example, many companies deliberately not provided smoking rooms and the sign of crossed-out cigarette hanging even before entering the office and near a parking lot. Bad habits are invited to change for trips to a fitness club and participation in sports business activities. But if the rejection of Smoking contributes to the accumulation of funds, compliance with the dress code, on the contrary, it beats afford employees. The higher and representative offices, the higher should be casual wear, shoes and accessories. If a personal laptop does not match the expensive brand preferred by the firm, the worker strictly prohibit its use for business purposes. And even buying a car, employees of Western companies are often guided by the company's image, rather than on your own ego. When foreign firms have just appeared on the Russian market, the costs of the status of justifying higher wages.

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