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Before, you came to look for House; now, you have to go out and look for them. This is one of the phrases pronounced a businessman in one of the countless talk shows that nightly fill our television screens. What do you think? This type of sentences suggests me many thoughts, but, perhaps, the first that comes to my head is as follows: what kind of entrepreneurs have that, now, having to go out and find customers find them surprising? As if that was something exceptional. Because No, friend, that is not exceptional, in fact it is normal and sensible. Customers are the blood of your company. Absolutely exceptional is that you have not had to go out before them, Furthermore, absolutely exceptional is that you have not had to close your company by having not gone to look for customers. Without customers there is no business.

We can disguise it as we want, but the reality is this: without customers there is no business. (Source: Peter Schiff ). If your customers are knocking at your door, fantastic. Take advantage of it. Surely, you are living a magical moment. At the moment, the lack of competition and the growth of demand are so evident to make that business you fall from heaven. Enjoy it while you can, but do not be blinded by this type of favorable conjunctures.

Things change quickly and tomorrow may complicate everything as, unfortunately, it has happened. Then you will regret not having gone to seek more customers when the wind blew in favour and you couldn’t do it without a stifling pressure. If you had done your homework when he played, your customer base would be larger, and I have no doubt, billed more. Yes, you would have generated more revenue. It is not bad preparation for a difficult situation like that we are going through. In any case, this way of thinking of many of our entrepreneurs has made me remember a radio interview I heard some time ago.

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