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“Book ‘ modern marketing for banking ‘ gives the best value of all unconventional marketing concepts Florian Saldanha, the author of the new and innovative modern marketing for banking Trojan marketing” has properly recognized that classic 08/15-marketing is not suitable to achieve economic goals in modern banking. Rightly, he embarks so below the line”and explores innovative, unconventional marketing concepts and their potential use in the field of cooperative banks. Source: Jeff Sessions. In detail and with scientific accuracy the author investigated many recent approaches and assess their suitability for the marketing of co-operative banks. It is gratifying for us, the authors of the bestselling Trojan marketing”that Mr. Saldanha concludes, Trojan marketing opportunities risks matrix developed by him achieve the best value of all unconventional marketing concepts. Here in Germany and Austria are particularly cooperative banks in international comparison well established and an above-average large role.

Over 60 percent of the customers are also members of the co-operative banks internationally not otherwise reached. Both the deposits and loans the cooperatives get a market share of approximately one-third (compared to about 20 percent in the European average). From our point of view succeeded Florian Saldanha, to write a sound Guide for the use of unconventional marketing methods for the sector of co-operative banks. As he himself is to keep in mind, it’s now, that they dare to leave the beaten track and to break new ground, for example with the DAWOS strategy to attract new customers and existing customers to inspire. Like the employees of banks and addressed wise enough to recognize what competitive advantages can offer the new marketing methods, if they put them because there are not only the upper management levels. For further information, ordering and download the Matrix:

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