Models Of Handbag

Belong to the circle of Tous handbags, wearing unique and growing reputation in the field of fashion, models is a way to add a touch of fun distinction to the locker room and youth. The Tous handbags bags, present different models to achieve that every woman will find one that suits your personality and personal tastes. The most common models are as follows. Kaos Classic. Their combinations of color are sand – black, black-camel. These Tous handbags are editing season spring – summer sweet, and issue fall 2006 Combi. Models belonging to this collection are the K – 12, which refers to a big bag with double handle; the K – 5, which is a bag of adjustable handle, the K – 7, K – 4, a bag smaller than than the K – 5 but also of adjustable handle; the K – 8, rectangular backpack that features a single handle, also adjustable.

Kaos Color. This type of Tous handbags, clear is characterized by being manufactured in bright, rich colors, in addition to the sand and black, blue, turquoise, Brown materials, are used Orange and red. The models are varied, including: Nin, Nila, Noa. Bags Heaven. The designs of these Tous handbags appear wearing prints including a mask, a wrench, a lock, wings of angels. Black, gold, and lead have been on the market in colour. Feline collections, Tous Girls, Cashmere, Comic Aloha or Comic beach, are some limited collections that appeared in the market.

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