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Advertising must remain, for example on the phone with the latest version of BlueTrigger is even more attractive marketing via Bluetooth, advertising must hang, for example on the phone. The mobile phone has become the central medium for the user. That phone call, SMS, email or purchase of parking tickets: everything is done from a single source. With this in mind the Duisburg ideas forge, BlueTrigger software has developed a program that allows you to send individual advertising messages via Bluetooth to mobile communication devices. Now the program geared specifically to the needs of trade BlueTrigger was expanded and all advertising campaigns in the recent version 2.5.0 in addition to a streamlined user interface also offers the possibility”to transfer.

From any PC or notebook. Innovative, Zielgruppenprazise, effective and efficient. To ensure this performance, as well as the increase in comfort, the programmer to Yvonne John have various features integrated in the new version, in addition to one easy click-button interface with new icons in the background acting and thus expand the versatility. For example, can be divided into the ultimate version not only take into account multiple time Windows per day but also individual days of the week. Offers, contests, image and text messages or other files such as ringtones can be individually assembled and accurately placed. Performance increased as marketing tool BlueTrigger uses Bluetooth wireless technology and can communicate from any standard PC or notebook with other Bluetooth@-fahigen devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks, cell – or Smartphones.

The intelligent software recognizes other employees with technology devices, such as printers or headsets and not only controls them, which significantly reduces the transmission load. Another relief provides the preset function that recipients who have opposed responded to a message, no other times will be contacted. This is good, not only the capacity but granted its customers information autonomy. If for example new messages are sent to the next day, can be whether you have rejected such customers, the commercials, even informed considered easily in advance. This of course also works in the case of messages that change during a day and ensures the BlueTrigger users in addition to addressing individual customers at the same time maintaining his privacy. In addition, the operator has the possibility to view a log file, to obtain information about transmission errors. Comfortable and friendly system is also the debug function that ensures set hanging data transfers be canceled and computing processes is not blocked. Also was the performance and speed increased and is now up to 6 times faster than the version 1.5.0. depend on the components used are now up to six parallel send operations possible. BlueTrigger”scans the environment at regular intervals for cell phones, etc. As soon as a visible”device within reach is a query is sent if the contacted want to receive the message. The desired messages be sent only if a positive confirmation on the part of the recipient. The installation is easy and the very low hardware requirements. (PC with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Microsoft.Net 2.0 run-time environment. Bluetooth wireless technology stick with Microsoft or WIDCOMM stack / MS stack recommended for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista).

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