Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Robots can not just vacuuming Pittsburgh/Berlin – Microsoft promises more performance and additional tools in comparison to the previous Microsoft Robotics Studio for the first community-preview version of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008, presented by the companies at the RoboBusiness Conference & Expo in Pittsburgh. At the same time the gates Group announced the kick-off for the virtual robotics competition of RoboChamps, kick-off will be on April 21. With a wide range of users should have the opportunity to in Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 meet the underlying techniques. While Scoffer trust little more modern robots as a vacuum to suction, not only Microsoft has responded to the growing importance of robotics. Bill Gates has compared to that of the PC industry in the late 1970s the State of the robot industry.

The Apple computer was popular, who knew no lowercase. Then there was the Commodore PET, stored files on music cassettes. And there are companies as Atari, Coleco and Texas hung instruments, the simple keyboards on their video-game consoles. So the PC market also looked at that time not just promising – and yet he came in drive\”, keeps Tandy Trower, General Manager of the Microsoft Robotics group in the interview with the weekly newspaper the time critics opposed, which already invoke the end of the robot. Sure the robot spread is similar to understand how the computer a lot speaks for him. First found no Government and no industry all over the world more, not investing in robotics.

Almost every major university research on robots\”, to Trower. Secondly the Robotics is progressing fast. in 2004, came in the first year of the Darpa grand challenge, a desert race of fuhrerloser car, not a single vehicle in the target. in 2005, there were four. What important technology whatever looking at mobile phones, DVD players, Internet-, initially they had all flat growth curves.

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