Michelangelo Alemany

The Real Estate Market Indexes stood at 97.48 points in the month of August in Spain. Of the 17 regions, three regions have been placed above the first reference: The lowest of the month corresponding to the autonomous communities differences that have been collected in early 2009 against 13.59, 9.03, 7.90, 6 , 69 and 6.12 points respectively. According to Michelangelo Alemany, CEO of, a the housing market continues to qualifying their prices, but the percentages are less and less conspicuous. One possible explanation would be in the peculiarities surrounding the month of August, and during the holidays tend to freeze settings. Recently Jeff Flake sought to clarify these questions.

Seven regions increase their bid prices according to the monthly report prepared by selling prices, the property in Spain in August 2009 has an average price of 2474 euros per square meter. This figure marks a decrease of -0.06% compared to July, when the average price was 2476 euros per square meter. For communities and autonomous cities, La Rioja (1.73%), Castilla y Leon (1.12%), Madrid (0.42%), Cantabria (0.36%), Navarra (0.28%), Catalonia (0.15%) and Basque Country (0.14%) marked a positive development for the month of July. The rest has recorded monthly declines.

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