Mexican Economy

Everyone has a recipe for Mexico 20 November 2009 that the crisis has hit hard in the Mexican economy, it no doubt. (As opposed to Carl Icahn). The economy proved to be not prepared for bad times and its extreme dependence on the United States, dependence on oil revenues triggered an explosive cocktail for the Mexican public accounts.Among the multiple issues they must deal with the Calderon Government to strengthen the economy, the immediate dilemma passes through point to economic recovery or to fiscal discipline which is the main objective to be pursued? The Nobel Prize in economics 2001 Joseph Stiglitz was very critical with the Mexican during the crisis by stating that government performance: the statistics of growth have been very weak and pessimistic to this country … the combination of a very weak recovery for the United States and a fiscal policy that does not stimulate the Mexican economy is a source of concern. For Stiglitz, poor fiscal stimulus They explain today that the economy of Mexico may incur by 7% this year. But the worst thing is that if you expect us to help her, it will be wasting my time since the US economy is still weak and will take several months more to begin to recover (if it does), vigor. In fact, the Fed through the President of the reserve Federal of St. Louis, James Bullard, acknowledged that it will keep interest rates near 0% until 2012, by the weak economic Outlook. The risks of a W-shaped recovery are still present in the US economy and this implies that if Mexico wants to recover, you should not rely on that you may do so through us. As the economic world is full of contradictions, which had received the go-ahead from Stiglitz, had resulted in punishment for the country’s risk rating agencies worried about problems in the public accounts of Mexico.

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