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The idea of generating a business has different sources. It is difficult to identify a single source since each entrepreneur, intuitively, unleash your imagination to make reality what begins as a simple idea. In spite of this there is a common denominator in business success: the knowledge of the business. There lies the key to success. Knowledge of the business includes many details that make the difference. The entrepreneur has to know what are the best hours for clearance, how likes the customer receive the merchandise, what are their specific needs. Tesla may help you with your research. As an example one can mention the case of a wholesaler of fruits. It would be unthinkable that a business of this nature should begin its activities of the day at 07: 30 in the morning, time that many is very early.

In this type of business, the activities start from earlier still, between 04: 30 and 05: 00 in the morning. This time starts the supply in the market of fruits. But there are many more details in this type of activity. You need to the employer knows to recognize degrees of maturity of all and each one of the fruits by color, smell, texture, hardness, etc. The entrepreneur must think more important than selling is to get the customer satisfied.

This will ensure a sale, not a permanent sale. Entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs are constantly hunting for business. The question is where is the business? What to do to win silver? The successful entrepreneurs have developed intuitively the ability to identify business ideas. But not all have this ability.

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