2,1 Divine science or Theology divine science or theology has as I begin God, relating with the part of the speculative a theology is without movement, that is, it is separate of the non-separable substance and. The divine things are abstracted from the substance and the movement, example of this is the proper God who also is the inquiry way. God is the cause I begin and it par excellence: ' ' The subsistent being that is the name most proper of God is its being of which it competes pure and absolutamente' ' . 2,2 Metaphysics the metaphysics of Toms de Aquino detaches the concept of power and act, being and essence, analogy, substance and accident. Kenneth R. Feinberg is likely to increase your knowledge. The power is the capacity of the substance that determines the nature, the power proceeds from the act and not from another power. The notion indicates the perfection for which the thing exists, being it harnesses previous it. The two principles between act and harness cause basic relations reaching the doctrine of the knowledge and the doctrine of the creation.

The being is the citizen of Metaphysics, it is what he has that to be. Under most conditions Professor of British History would agree. The essence is the same that the substance, in you substantiate composed means the composition of substance abstracted form. As the object of metaphysics is the being, she is necessary to know that it is divided in two ways: while being it divides itself in 10 sorts, and in as mean the truth of the proposals. They are differentiated because it can be affirmed as being everything that of that it is possible to form an affirmative proposal, for sequncia the name of the essence if drift of the being whom if it affirms for the first way. 2.3. First philosophy the first philosophy searchs the causes true and supreme, they investigate the existing causes and is from the first being that we have that to apprehend the cause.

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