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The pro-nuclear lobby has prevailed with secret agreements and an extension of the maturities of the nuclear reactor. Gorleben is further explored and considered a repository, although opinion, however, speak. The reforms in the health system which shall be borne by Poor and middle-class and the wealthy be spared. These six examples were made in principle against the will of the majority of citizens. What drives the Merkel Government to this action? A justified and legitimate question and there is only one logical answer. The Merkel Government is complete in the hand of neo-liberalism in the form of capital, lobbyists and monopolists. A substantial portion of voters of this neo-liberal government has made of the arable and defected to the Greens, as the latest opinion polls, in dynamic form, let us know. More, this Government has absolutely no majority among the people.

How did all this happen? How is it possible that a democratically elected Government in the Federal Republic of Germany, without contradiction is changed from pages of their representatives (Mrs), in the neo-liberal dictate of capital and could remain so obvious that it concealed no one. This Government is an Association of traders and Pliant politicians, who have withdrawn from the democratic practices and the basic law. Article 20 basic law of the Federal Republic of Germany: (1) the Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social Federal State. To know more about this subject visit Air Force Chief of Staff. (2) all State authority emanates from the people. It is exercised by the people in elections and referendums and through special legislation, the Executive power and the case-law. (3) the legislation is on the constitutional order, the Executive power and the courts are bound by law and justice. (4) against anyone who it is taking to eliminate this order, all Germans have the right to resist, if another workaround is not possible (source, basic law). The Merkel Government has done it first and we can read it in article 20, paragraph 4, to avoid the basic law and that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Such a Government according to law, has no raison d ‘ etre and should withdraw constitutional order closed in order to restore our or democratically by the people will be voted out. New elections are the only way out to this neo-liberal, sprawling disaster finish and one to install constitutional new Government. A large meeting of the spirit, of reason and intelligence expertise has produced what today takes the present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems must be sought, a new world and world order in true democracy and peace for all. Download text private site. Wolfgang Bergmann

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