So well that God has already found substitute: is called san Google. You know what the page does your page rank?; and your many visits have?; on the internet, if you’re not, you do not exist; because I know a person who guarantees you that your website appears always in the first places. These and many more are some of the phrases of more current use among regular users of the internet. But is it possible that someone can ensure you always appear on the first page?. And above all, what is the cost versus profitability? I since then, although I’m still interested in improving my web position, makes time to submit myself to this dictatorship, I stopped.

If you want to follow my advice, as in any other professional activity, I advise that you try to do a job well done. Notes: 1. choose a domain name that relates to the activity of the web, and if ends in .com, much mejor2. Think of a structure and programming logic and a simple design to make content easier to read by search engines (indexing) 3. The quality of the contents and the updating of these constitute an added plus, you will know Valorar.4. Select good keywords related to the content of the web.5. Dale high in most of the search engines, in more mejor.6.

Links on other pages of quality similar to yours are potential gateways to your web.7. An invaluable action of viral marketing is the publication of press releases, notes, newspapers, articles, participation in forums etc in specialized websites, do not forget to include a link to your web.8. Do not forget the potential current social networks and finally, it is imperative that you appear in the possibly best Finder of companies from sectors of the marketing, advertising, promotion and speaking, MarketingData-network media. What I take from here to invite you. And I’m sure that you will appreciate me.

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