Marketing: The Third Wave

In its more recent book on the new trend of the marketing, Professor Philip Kotler describes what flame of Marketing 3.0. In accordance with the author, the first wave of the marketing (Marketing 1,0) was centered in the product. To this time, the world lived the industrial age, when the technology to a large extent was related to the maquinrio in the production plant. Thus, the paper of the marketing consisted of vender manufactured standardized products in great scales of production. The second wave of the marketing (Marketing 2,0) came with the age of the information. The consumers had passed to be seen as well informed people, who could easily compare offers of similar products. The value of the product passed to be defined by the consumers. In the third wave of the marketing (Marketing 3,0), the target also is the consumer, but with a new boarding.

Now, the marketing must consider the values, the aspirations and the spirit of the consumer. The task of the marketing, therefore, is more emotional. The professionals of the marketing need a deeper knowledge on the consumer, its environment and its net of relationships. In accordance with John Hamm, in substance for the Finantial periodical Teamses, the marketing of the third necessary wave of a very great amount of information to understand the customers. According to analyst, 50% of the new products launched today in the market are not accepted for the consumers. This can be a pointer of a tunning lack enters the strategy of sales of the companies and the expectations of the consumers. Some leader companies, as Siemens, Procter & Gamble and Airbus already had incorporated contribution technologies, through which the consumers, directly, influence the characteristics of the products and services. In this scene, feedback for captation of the aspirations of the customers is of great importance the paper of the social nets giving one. Therefore, one expects that each time more the consumers dictate the standards of the industry in the age of Marketing 3.0. Ricardo Keys

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