Marketing Notes (Part Three Marketing )

These are some decisions that the client takes on its own and must not deny or even to the most trusted business advisers. No1. What to buy? The product is selected by a variety of reasons including limited resources and the real need to purchase is also influenced by psychological reasons of a well known and honestly implemented by the marketing staff can lead to optimal results, however, need to know that the customer wants and needs and do not enroll with offers that do not contribute to improve in some way their lives. When buying No2?: The time in which we acquire products also is an active element of the characteristics of the period to which we refer although there are commodities to be purchased every day, there are others whose consumption varies in certain seasons such as school supplies (buy more at the beginning of the year elective), flowers (increase in sales for Mother’s Day on the dates of love and friendship or Women’s Day), toys (they have more out at Christmas time) does not rule out a seasonal product sold at any time of year and that is precisely what allows certain sectors such as flowers or toys remain active throughout the year. No3 How to buy: The purchase by barter or cash payment in retail outlets are complemented with other means of payment and commercial distribution is how strong the sale is made to the timing and plastic money, but also many plans for the buyer to decide not only how to buy if not as pay, the purchase is from his tendency to arrive at a point of sale to the call for the goods will be dispatched to your home or business. The variety of choices also mean an increase in transactions with customers who place a high value to the efforts being made to make you more comfortable existence. No4 How to buy?: When shopping motives are rational is important to define the amount of what is going to purchase, the client apparently wants to buy more and loyal to their propulsion consumption but face at least two circumstances that limit their alleged intention to make unlimited purchases: its infinite resources and the inability to store everything you want to have this We should add that in view of which is a being with desires and unfulfilled needs sometimes must resign or all those who want to buy what you need.

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