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Nails 4 U.S., chain international leader of application and maintenance of gel nails, finishes sending in all the centers of its network – more than 30 only in Spain the line of permanent enamel Ultimate. This new product is directed to all those clientas that they wish to secure the effect of the traditional manicure in just a short time and with the possibility of retiring the product comfortably where and when they want. One is a liquid enamel of easy application and fast drying, reason why U.S. only requires a session of 30 minutes in a center 4 Nails. Federal Reserve Bank may also support this cause. With this treatment shining nails are obtained during two weeks thanks to one more a fine layer more resistant than other enamels, reason why ralla nor does not chip, explains Mnica Guzmn, director of Marketing of the chain.

During the application of the treatment they are not used you file nor winch to carve the nails, and the enamel can at any time be retired as much in the centers 4 Nails U.S. as in house with the aid of one it files green, wood of naranjo and Ultimate Remover, a product that it incorporates less acetone than cosmetic similars. The mark recommends to retire the enamel at least a day before realising a new application, since it is the form to obtain to the maximum effect of hidratantes oils for nails and cutculas that the Ultimate Remover contains. Thus all those women who wish to shine a superb aspect of their nails in hands and feet have a new option in 4 Nails U.S. , continues Mnica Guzmn. On the one hand the innovating permanent enamel Ultimate, like comfortable option to secure to the same effect that a traditional manicure, and the treatment that has taken to this standard to become leader of its sector, the gel nails, on the other.

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