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About 'Tiens' – is a diversified multinational company that combines research, industry, trade, real estate, education, culture, service, transportation. The main activity the company is to manufacture hi-tech products based on the latest biotechnology. 'Tiens' was founded in 1993 in 1995 to launch their products on the market began to use the system of multi-level marketing. From 1995 to 1998, the company worked on domestic market and in late 1998, entered the international market. Currently the corporation operates in more than 190 countries.

Its products are known in 5 continents. In 2004. turnover amounted to 8mlrd. $. In 2005g.-10, 3 billion. $.

In 2007g.-12 5mlrd. $. Chief office is located in the business center in Beijing HAND. Production facilities – in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, China, France, etc. Recently opened a branch in Tver. LozungLiderstvo in the direct sales industry. Philosophy biznesNesti health of humanity, serving the community. MissiyObespechenie global consumer produktsiey.Predostavlenie quality educational opportunities and a quality karery.Uluchshenie zhizni.Postroenie harmonious international community. Corporate duhVnesti maximum contribution to the development of the domestic economy through . to great goals through an organized teamwork and genuine commitment. Principles of Health kachestvVosstanovlenie chelovechestva.Razrabotka technical innovatsiy.Vnesenie uluchsheniy.Udovletvorenie continuous consumer demand. Network Marketing Multilevel network marketing – a system of promoting goods or services from producer to consumer through a network of independent distributors who are rewarded, depending on the volume purchased by them products have the ability to attract the cooperation of others and receive commissions, depending on the volume of products purchased by these people. Network marketing, as an industry, there are more half a century and enjoys great popularity around the world. For example, in America, more than 50% of goods and services promoted on the basis of a network or multilevel marketing. Now a network marketing as a subject studied in many prestigious universities, including Harvard University, because of network marketing came many millionaires. Network marketing is based on meeting the deep needs of man. In doing business, each can get something to aspire to almost anyone: a free adjustment of working hours, decent remuneration, hundreds of new friends who share a common goal, a great opportunity personal growth. When you create a marketing plan Tiens Company has been accounted for and summarized more than 50 years experience in Network Marketing. Therefore, this plan is ideal for customers who are able to use accumulative discount, and for people-oriented business. If you are interested in this information, go to our website.

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