Marketing Industry Discovered Schnorrer

The marketing industry discovered Schnorrer as advertisers and media Hamburg, July 13, 2010 the marketing expert Todd Norem and Bryan Evans now scientifically show that the bum wins the battle for attention of the bumming, which excites the minds with controversy and limit with humor. Schnorrer use cardboard signs with slogans surprising, they revive the generosity of passers-by. In the scientific test of the homeless ed with slogans by Todd Norem a day 800% more revenue generated. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. Messages such as checks the following persons are not accepted here”agreements gestures sensation stronger than many compassion with humor and tongue in cheek. Brian Evans describes in his blog of daily conversions”a similar attempt to self marketing for the homeless.

The Moochers Kevin giving away small gifts to donors and increased his daily income by 100%. Donate the passers-by, they then can disinfect the hands. Kevin flirts with the prejudice that the body contact with him the rough charm is unsanitary. The operators of the website go a step further. Access the promotional potential of scroungers and mediate between clients and the homeless, that their advertising messages sing or wear on T-Shirts. The advertising effect for the customers is enormous, and the homeless people earn through their work. The Internet community dispute extensively about the moral integrity of the project.

The operators of the browsergame paddock game use the advertising effectiveness of scroungers long for charitable purposes. The strategic online browser game touched the sensitive issues of homelessness and poverty with satiric sharpness. The bum game community willingness to donate comes not from about. Provocation and controversy reach more often”, Marius Follert, co-inventor of the browsergame. The young players grow in an increasingly unjust society, they are not responsible for their penniless. It makes them a bad conscience, not reaching you”, concludes further Farooq. The Operators of the bum games engage companies since 2007 for social projects and regularly organise donation projects in favour of homeless people and aid agencies along with the players. With their marketing strategies, the homeless Ed and the Moochers Kevin do anything else ultimately, only market them yourself and keep the donations for themselves right. About color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games. Founder and Managing Director are the 21-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his games – including the successful Penner game – in eight languages in over 30 countries.

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