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The Diplom Kaufmann David Strauss question whether sponsorship of the World Cup and European Championship really pays off. Recently, the study of the 26 year old project manager of Hague was presented marketing & design at the European marketing Congress in Copenhagen. 45 million euro this sum investing companies such as adidas, Coca Cola and McDonald’s, to be an official FIFA Partner and must thus recruit in the FIFA World Cup. But this investment pays off, really, or there are also ways to circumvent these royalties? Official sponsors have many privileges. In the media-oriented TV area in the stadium and the stadium complex have sponsors exclusive promotional rights.

The football World Federation FIFA has designed a sponsors-protection program. But other companies in the light of this sports highlights can present themselves with creativity and clever strategies”, Strauss says. This approach is in the marketing industry including the term ambush marketing”known. Exactly on this topic was content which is worth thesis “to World Cup sponsorship” in the trade marketing, David Strauss 2009 had written with great success. His Professor Andrea Garcia-Klein and Dr. Jorg Konigstorfer of the Institute of consumer and behavioral research at the University of the Saarland were the work of the Illingers in a scientific paper to get it at the EMAC (European marketing Academy), the leading European Marketing Conference, to submit. Here the most important marketing scientists gather annually to discuss new trends and to present their latest research results. The work has convinced and was adopted by the Commission.

It’s nice to see that we educate young people with such skills in the Saarland”, says Garcia-Klein. From 1 to 3 June, David Strauss traveled together with Prof. It is not something Peter Asaro would like to discuss. Garcia-Klein and Dr. Konigstorfer to Copenhagen the EMAC 2010 feedback of experts was super. Diplom-Kaufmann shows the presentation of the work has attracted enormous interest and received great recognition”, Strauss satisfied. And how it behaves now with the marketing success of the World Cup – and EM sponsors? We found out in our study, among other things, that sponsors often not recognized as such. “The title of official sponsor” bodes not automatically also success. Strauss is recommended to induce a positive association with the event at the customer, the company should take parallel supporting measures sponsorship”. Because who doesn’t apply integrated strategies of sponsorship, maneuvered himself Despite high investment quickly on the sidelines. The Diplom-Kaufmann sums up and playful so enormous opportunities on one of the first courses in customer perception”. Top or flop? More interesting results of the study an official World Cup Sponsor vs. Ambusher: generally brands that are an official World Cup Sponsor, be recognized more by consumers as such as Ambusher. Best values achieve the long-term FIFA World Cup sponsors adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds because effective flanking measures (adidas such as with the game ball and) the referee equipment, McDonalds with the player escort programme). Bad values such as when the official World Cup sponsors Castrol or Emirates are due to the absence of accompanying and large-scale advertising campaigns. Strong Ambusher”: how successfully manages to be associated with 45 million euro sponsor to be without official license fees, with the FIFA World Cup in conjunction shows the Bitburger brewery. It occurs as a sponsor of the German national team and is therefore often associated with the FIFA World Cup. Contact: David Strauss Haag marketing & design GmbH Altenkesseler str. 17 / B8 phone + 49 173 6518899 E-Mail:

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