Marketing For Personal Services

The ultimate 3 pillars for the success of the transformation of Germany from a production and is to a service economy in full swing. The man with his individual needs for care, education, leisure, and special information is the focus of the personal services sector. In marketing, service companies occupy a very special place. The speech is of services providing Menschen fur Menschen. Examples include doctors, naturopaths, lawyers, psychotherapists, personal trainer, nurses, chefs etc..

In contrast to other types of business such as manufacturing or trading companies, are here non-material benefits in the form of finished products in the focus, but intangible benefits. There will be no direct ownership and ownership changes, quality variations are possible, therefore a standardization of the services very difficult and missing shelf life is given. Speaking of personal services from the UN acto principle. This means that consumer and producer coincide and are the service producer as well as the service consumer portion of the service. It is therefore not possible to preview the finished product of the potentially interested parties What irritates many people. Strategic marketing plays a key role here, because the party clings to everything down have the company.

The whole package is then usually also purchase critical. Focuses on the following aspects are: behind the power people (who / the entrepreneur as providers) the appearance (brochures, business cards, website, any premises etc. Services in the past – references 1. Behind the power people in the first place, for the success of a personal service, always the performance tasks person stands. Perhaps more fundamentally, the chemistry between providers and recipients of services must be what is not influenced. In addition to that, especially the so-called are \”Soft skills\” pages of the provider needed to enable a fruitful cooperation and sustained success to be. Because two people in the center of the business process are available, include in particular the following aspects: personality: the most important aspect is the personality and the success crucially depends on the.

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