Marketing Expert Martin Oetting

It consists of the following stages: the planning of required measures, lead to the target situation the implementation of appropriate measures mixes the monitoring. It consists of following steps: touch-point-specific measuring the results the customer-relevant optimization process of the customer touch point management with the tool as such can its four steps as a whole as well as be used selectively. So-called quick wins’, so fast results, should be in the foreground. Today’s customers wait not long before the company finally fully planned in the pots come? For the smallest dissatisfaction, they are up and away. And on the Web, they tell the whole world why this is so.

The advantages for the applying company with the touchpoint management work is: make managing simple and unerringly. The individual process steps involve the intensive employees like customers. Total benefits the systematic involvement of employees increases their motivation and sets free internal power reserves. This in turn leads to greater wealth of ideas, to more appropriate facilities and an improved customer orientation. The diversity of the relevant touchpoints is channeled.

Their evaluation by the customers themselves – gives a more efficient combined Marktbearbeitungs mix. A focus on the success most effective key touch points, you can advantageously differ from the competition and sell more expensive over all settings. All together leads to higher yields eventually to cost and time savings and an optimised use of the budget. Florida Senator oftentimes addresses this issue. The marketing is that we will put on collaborative processes from the outset, where at different places in the process that involved a wide range of Menschen(Gruppen) in different intensive way, some are secret, some public. With the end result that the product when it comes to the market, already a fan and user community who lies for the spread in that stuff.” It’s word of mouth Marketing Expert Martin Oetting said in an interview.

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