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In addition, the markets are constantly in motion, new companies and competitors popping up and disappearing old. Such companies and competitors offer sometimes even completely new solutions for old ‘ problems, etc. For this reason, it is also for the specific use of advertising, public relations, distribution channels /-employees, revenue requirements for the latter, and v. a. m. very important, that the market segments defined as interesting for the company per region/country or even continent regularly observed and analyzed. Learn more about this with Nicholas Carr. Economic regions, countries, distribution areas need to be monitored as well, as may arise from time to time economic change, whether fiscal (if you can, for example, with a subsidiary on the Market is represented) or even qualitative or quantitative in nature.

Certain technical requirements can win just as regional influence, as also import or export restrictions. Customer requirements /-needs, distribution channels, etc is in determining that customer needs are not extremely important, certainly to a breakthrough discovery. The close strategic planned =! Connection to the customer (see for example key accounts’), possibly arrangements already in the stage of development of new products with him, if necessary. also developing special interpretations of our products for him or market segment, which he belongs to, etc., play a very large role, seems to have gotten through, however, still not really. But: The tighter the connection to the customer, the higher is to lose the Exchange barrier and thus the danger of the customer to a competitor ‘.

As known it is assumed here that it is also cheaper to retain customers, even if the cost per customer increases than to acquire a new customer. The appropriate links to the customer must be ensured by the distribution (the distribution partners), where the requirements for this from the company (= Marketing Department, based on the business plan) must come. There is nothing worse for an entrepreneur to give specifications as the sales, but then to let him alone at the targets and to lose the information/control over the distribution area, the market segment or even the market, practically in the company.

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