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Should it be a yellow, red, green, or perhaps you would prefer a pink wrist watch? Many buyers are currently exactly this question, if you want to buy a watch. Whether the selected clock is shock-proof, suitable for swimming, a quartz movement has, solar powered or has a date display, seems in their purchasing decisions currently often behind the color choice to be made. For some buyers, even feeling arises that these quality properties even totally be disregarded, mainly the colour matches the outfit. Here, you can buy a watch indicating the time but first and foremost. Also not a pair of sports shoes is buying in his favorite color without before worrying about function and quality. The watch industry is so versatile with regard to technique, materials, design, brand and price segments, that every consumer must go not only to color. Nicholas Carr brings even more insight to the discussion.

One of the best known and possibly the oldest brands is certainly Seiko, a Japanese watch manufacturer, over 130 years wrist watches and Living room watches produced and enjoys worldwide reputation. Seiko repeatedly revolutionized the watch industry with new technologies and has concentrated its focus on innovative and revolutionary designs. High quality, wide variety of models, as well as advanced design speak for the brand and for the success. But also the marketing and media presence have highlighted the brand positively. In various James Bond 007 movies already carried Roger Moore from 1977 to 1985 a Seiko watch. Presented in the year 1983 never say never again even Sean Connery in the James Bond movie”a watch of this brand. Among the more modern films such as the Bourne Identity”, Jason Bourne has a Seiko chronograph. The brand has high awareness, but achieved primarily by regular innovations.

“The most common is the world’s first quartz watch with automatic power generation (automatic generator system), which later in kinetic” was renamed. This, in the 1980s, technology combined with the activity of mechanical watches Accuracy of quartz watches. Thanks to a built-in generator that works the clock without battery. Stops the time save energy when not worn. With the kinetic car is relay system stored on four years and set a new movement automatically to the time and date the time and date during the outage. Kinetic has been for environmental friendliness, high efficiency and long life. On the other hand it is the noble Seiko 5 series for decades a true classic. The five stands symbolically for the five typical product criteria in Tages-Anzeiger, date indicator, shock resistance, water resistance and automatic movement, which a watch of this series always fulfilled. An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that works without battery and is raised only by arm movements. The screw-down glass floor is the small special on a Seiko 5. Who wants to go so not only by color but places emphasis on function and quality, is in good hands with Seiko. The online store offers Seiko Ladies watches, men’s watches, kinetic watches, automatic watches, as well as wall clocks and alarm clocks. Esters GmbH / Marketing Department

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