With money you can buy the book, but not the intelligence, rl luxury, port not beauty. Anonymous. Cinsideraciones, reach all good management should be prepared for changes, know the challenges, especially when a crisis that affects its behavior in the markets, should know how to act in such a way that is not adversely the operability and achievements. Management must have a management of markets having well defined its functions according to modern requirements, in order to guarantee results, thanks to mutual understanding of the characteristics of the markets strategic, objectives, plans, stage where acts. Know when there is a crisis and how it should handle it so that it is not adversely affected.

In an interesting writing on the topic, Estr@tegia Magazine, points out that in times of crisis marketing forces to follow two rules: 1 – you can’t miss a single client, and 2 – it is necessary to steal the competition all clients that intelligently possible. The theme of the customer retention has failed – unfortunately – to capture the same amount of action and budgets allocated to the acquisition of new customers. Worse still, in many cases plans aimed at attracting new customers offer these greater advantages in terms of price and-o benefits, those legacy clients enjoy. This striking if we take into account that costs – as average – six times more obtain sponsorship from a new client who retain an existing customer. Home Depot may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Another factor to take into account, notes, is that there are a number of companies – not enough – that are incorporating new ways of adding value. This factor which is quickly perceived by customers, has become in a short time an acquired right and not a differentiating benefit, and has forced organizations to continue implementing new tactics of value added and to make it a permanent practice. This concept is strengthened in times of crisis.

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