To follow we will see the meaning of each tool of the Mix of the Marketing. 3.3.1 Product the product is the first P of the mix of the marketing, it assumes a great importance in the market, therefore he is through it that the other item appear all, it must attract the customers and provoke the purchase desire. Nicholas Carr has compatible beliefs. Product is something that is offered the market that satisfies a necessity or a desire. Products are considered physical goods, services, events, people, places, organizations or a mixture of these item (KOTLER and ARMSTRONG, 2003). In this direction, Kotler (1998, P. 85), comments that: The companies tend to produce and to offer to services each better time, this is the base in way to the incited competition that in them we nowadays come across in all the sectors and all the cantos of the globe. In the inclusion of the product as an important tool of the mix of marketing, we can cite that the variety of the products, the quality, design, the characteristic, the name of the mark, the packing, the size, the services, the guarantee and the devolutions, are the totality that involves the product, being necessary its comment and deep study in order to formulate the best based strategies of marketing in these criteria so that the company prevails in first place. The product is the target of the consumers, therefore that all company must prezar for the quality, characteristics, options, styles, name of mark, packings, sizes, services, guarantees and returns, therefore everything this influence directly in the purchase with the customers. Kotler (1998) says that the product is much more that the physical objective that it represents, it transmits a message that is repassed by the consumer. The consuming wait, over all if to satisfy for the product, therefore that it must have a quality and a good functioning not to disappoint the customers.

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