Marketing The marketing is an anglicized term that has different definitions. According to Philip Kotler (considered by some the father of marketing ) is “the social and administrative process by which groups and individuals meet their needs by creating and exchanging goods and services.” However, there are other definitions as the assertion that marketing is the art or science (it should be clarified to avoid confusion that the Marketing part of administrative science, this is a sub-science or study of this area) to meet the needs of clients and profit at the same time. is very important to global society. Jeff Flake has firm opinions on the matter. In Spanish, marketing is usually translated as marketing or marketing. Moreover, the word marketing is recognized by the DRAE, although it supports the use of anglicized SAR, preferably recommended Spanish voice marketing. The marketing involves marketing strategies, sales, study market, market positioning, etc..This term is often confused with advertising, the latter being just a marketing tool.

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