Basically the concept of marketing with articles is based on the creation of expert content to the rededor of the theme which is of concern to a particular group of consumers (market niche) and publish it on the net to get wide dissemination of these contents. This technique has been revealed as one of the more effective that a webmaster can use within the wide range of marketing tactics online that has in its hands. In the recent past, as we will discuss later, this technique was highly effective, since it was creating such content and spread it over the network (publish it) in the greatest number of sites possible to achieve a great diffusion with minimum effort. Even this process could be automated with software applications that were available in the market. And although in 2008, in full 2.0 era this no longer works as well, yet this technique can be tremendously interesting for online merchants. Thus the marketing with articles has several objectives at the same time, such as: get POPULARITY: Publish articles, especially good articles from expert content, online merchants can publicize their businesses online indirectly and especially get, little by little, until the market recognizes their degree of knowledge, their degree of experience in the theme that holds your business on the internet. DIRECT traffic: In the same way thanks to links that traders put in their articles or in boxes of signature that accompany the articles published on the network, they get people who have consumed their content on portals and websites of third parties, pressed there and reach the web site of the author. POSITIONING in search engines: Articles, whether or not constructed on the basis of a strategy of key words, if they are well written and are of quality, irrespective of whether they have a large number of these and to be published on third party sites and have a link pointing to our web sites it manages to improve the relative position of our search results pages. I hope them It has helped this article to improve their websites.

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