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You must think about each moment that all what you do you can do better, just have to do it. Marketing activities increasingly introduces new innovations which require to be considered by the management, and then by the market manager. There is a very interesting topic as concerning to lateral marketing that involves creativity, innovations. It is not surprising therefore, that indicated, that despite his creative impulse, the marketing side is a methodical process that follows an organized sequence. Applies to an existing object, either a product, a service or a business. Today many marketing managers, make many variations, innovations in products, services, that instead of capturing a part of the cattle market created a new one where put in practice their strategies, plans. The lateral marketing starts with a product or service.

This may seem as strange that marketing motto is think of people not in the products. But the reason for this is that creativity arises from concrete things. The lateral marketing invites you There is less focus on the problem of how to sell more products and adopt a more creative thinking. It is taken into account as it puts forward. com, that normally, the marketing has focused on attracting more consumers by making small variations of the same product. The problem with this strategy is that by segmenting them too, markets become very small and so that they can be really profitable.

In this respect, the question arises what to do then? Indicated that a solution is to create new markets and capture them completely. But this is only possible if new products and services, i.e., create if it innovates. Thus, there is less focus on the problem of how to sell more products and adopt a more creative thinking. Consider also that given the dynamics of the scenarios where companies have a proactive participation, with lot of innovation, the life cycle of products is short and where you must be attentive to innovation in order to give way to that creativity generates new transformations in products in order to be sued and consumed by consumers.

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