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After a slight decrease in the number of projects on in may, the positive trend is continuing now. This development is the result of an unexpectedly good fiscal year of the SAP software company already in the first quarter of SAP could significantly increase its turnover. The aftermath of the economic crisis, which is forcing many companies to undertake a restructuring to be background of this significant increase. This in turn leads to investment, especially in the IT environment. But not only SAP and the number of SAP projects on have seen an upward trend. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. According to the industry association BITKOM have expectations on the development of the financial situation of the ICT companies increased in the second quarter of 2010 by 71 percent and rising.

The BITKOM industry is set to further”, so Scheer of President of BITKOM. This was also because infrastructures such as energy networks, agency networks or even the education system increasingly need to make intelligent. This is possible only with a large number of specialists. In the course of this Development will also further significantly improve the orders of IT professionals. According to BITKOM, there would be to the time around 20,000 vacancies in the ITC sector, every third company lawsuit in the BITKOM index, that the lack of expert business development steeped in leg.

Projektwerk – Business Director Dr. Christiane road there significant advantages for IT Freelancer: based on our numbers, we can say with certainty that the recovery of the IT market further continues investments be made once more. Another factor is the lack of experts, which optimally and above all flexible can be compensated with freelancers.” The simplest project market on the Web is about project work project work. With eleven years expertise, freelancers and companies through the platform the fast and exact cast of projects networked project work. Under it offers a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects all participants of the flexible labour market, as well as to the marketing of own services.

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