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The first one is that one that costuma to make great purchases, on average, two times per year and the other is the customers who are always buying some thing, in small amounts. A study carried through for the Coopesquisa for the Botafogo Shopping Beach (RIO DE JANEIRO), it disclosed that the men are majority enter the customers more frequent of shopping to center. The majority of the consumers of the masculine sex affirms that purchase few times to the year. But the storekeepers contradict this information. The last research showed that, of the total of people who go to shopping more than eight times for month, about 56% are men, already between that only frequents a time for month, the number of men falls for 46%. According to controlling-generality of the Market Armani of Brazil, Patrician Gaya, affirms that the men are buying in such a way how much the women, however in different schedules, but the masculine public confirms that purchase few times to the year. ' ' The more demanding and antenados consumers are each time in the question of the fashion.

The men costumam to go to the purchases only two or three times per year, but nowadays this profile is moving. They spend how much mulheres&#039 in such a way; ' , she explains Patrician. Already for Daniel Pl, proprietor of the store Of Pl and professor of marketing and retail of the PUC-RJ, are emphatical when affirming that the masculine consumption not yet can be compared to the feminine one. ' ' I do not agree to these research that affirms that the man is consuming in such a way or more than the women. It depends on local' '. As professor, it affirms that the woman is, historically, a more emotional consumer. Schiffman and Kanuk (2000) affirm that the individuals are inserted in four factors characterize that them as consuming that it suffers psychological, personal, social and cultural influences.

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