Even in the 17th century slaves in the sugar cane sector found that the sugar syrup is fermented into alcohol. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Federal Reserve Bank. But it was the first, most low-grade rum. For a long time it was dark, and was used only losers. Many years later, first began to open a factory to produce the drink, taste and color gradually improved. His active selling to Mariners, soldiers, and, of course, the pirates took the ship a few barrels inscription rum. Why is this drink has become so popular? First of all, he fell in love with an unusual taste, unlike the usual alcohol at the time. The basis of rum – sugar cane juice and molasses.

Cane crushed, subjected to cooking, and get a thick syrup. Further, in a centrifuge, squeeze it out of sugar and raw material for making mead. After this stage liquid passes fermentation (20 days) and then aged in barrels. Young Drink clear, however, for many years exposure, it is saturated with perfume, its color is similar to wood, but the taste gets a shade of caramel. Practically impossible to separate the rum in any class, because for He has no common standards. But overall, the experts identified two main types, with complex names: industrial and agricultural rum. The first, in turn, can take several guises: – young (white rum, which was maintained for a few months) – Old (held in drums 3 years, and gained rich flavor) – flavored (a particular rum is more suitable for pastry, than to drink) – lightweight (wanders at high temperatures and almost no odor) in agricultural romah distinguish only 2 types: – a bunch of white (it's rum alcohol) – old (aged for a long time, and competes on quality with a good brandy.) In addition, rum can be light or dark. Light, which makes sense, does not have shades, it is very soft and nearomatny.

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