Maria Jose

Jose Maria, feel difficult relationship with others, seeks to depart, fearing criticism of other people, because they think that sympathetic to anyone, he is suspicious of everyone and speaks very little. Well, not pass unnoticed that continually bothered by a nasal allergy and suffers from frequent headaches. Again insist that identify the rest of its conduct, thinking and feeling during the rest day, until you reach again the next morning is not complicated. Who is responsible for the emotional problems of Maria Jose? Why not can sleeping?, to which due their fears? What is the disease that manifests him pain and discomfort allergic? We could mention low self-esteem, depression, stress, insecurity, social fear, migraine, and other answers or denominations that do not exceed the classification of consequences would be inappropriate to believe that the cause of the detailed conditions, are since the progenitor of this sequence of physical and mental phenomena is thinking, the way in which we translate and associate, internal and external stimuli. Science has shown that when a stimulus produces a thought generated substance that are distributed in our whole being, which we perceive or feel. These substances can be corrosive or otherwise acid substance suitable as when we feel love. Simply conclude that thinking is ally of good living or not; friend or foe; collaborate or not with the immune system of Jose Mary, since the thoughts that allows Maria Jose, produce substances that impact you and what you feel in your body is the assimilation of these substances generated by the brain and its action, called neuropeptides, all the cells responsible for our defense, in their lymphocyte membrane have a point to receive the substances produced by the exercise of thought. We can narrow what he thinks Jose Maria, has reactions and physical consequences, since the reaction of cells of the immune system is direct function of substances that receives, in other words the response of the system to the germs varies depending on which will strengthen or weaken because of those substances to the think provides you with. What we say, we think, we do, increases or It lowers our defences. Original author and source of the article.

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