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MRM systems must be inexpensive, but create added value and beneficial. It is crucial when placing an MRM concept and system from the very beginning the idea of business and marketing intelligence (BI or MI) to have in mind. Many Marketplayer currently ignore this area completely, as well as the entire range of automated social media and smart media integration (SMI). 7. Can the advantages for the potential users demonstrate are in a cost benefit analysis before applying an MRM system already? Uwe Seebacher: the ROI of MRM six months is Yes, the average of all corporate data is queried with the marketing potential test. It is noteworthy that at more than two-thirds of all companies, launched the MRM, despite the crisis, budgets have been increased. (Source: Dennis Lockhart). Between 30% and 50% of the activities could (partially) be automated, which released capacities to implement also in-house more creation and strategy.

This causes less stress and less hectic, more planned and structured, and especially optimized work the entire M & K activities. 8. How the approach of MRM and this marketing potential test by the company accepted? What is the demand? Uwe Seebacher: There is high demand for MRM and the feedback on the test is good, because Yes as a priority aim not to sell solutions, but long term value added dedicated to help. It is first of all to knowledge and enlightenment, how MRM can help in company. 9. What can you take stock after the experience gained in practice with MRM? Uwe Seebacher: An organizational development very positive because now also in the field of marketing and communication sustainable takes place, the turn positive on the Affects significance and also the output of M & K sections. The methodological and structural knowledge increases, which leads that MRM-based M & K areas themselves always analyze and continuously develop and optimize. What other areas implement for years, is now also in these fields of foot namely business methodology, structure and management, inherently continuously own doing analyze, evaluate and optimize.

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