Mangers Need Good Conversational Skills

You may ask: “Why should a manager have a nice voice? “Explained the requirement as follows: Manager must figuratively speaking, lure with his voice, so that the client wanted to call it in the service yet, and not once. In general, a good voice – is the key to profit for the organization. Good diction. What can I say? No comments. You do not very distinctly and clearly say? Not a problem! Work on the voice can (and should) always.

Well, unless you drastically stutters and instead of growling “r-rr-r” gives a soft “eh”. Of course, not all is over: there are hundreds of professions, where you can show itself in all its glory. Knowledge of the geography of the city. Need to be aware of where the street unknown, Building 57 (and everyone else!), At least – how to get from point A to point B, how many miles to the purpose of travel and After all, anything can happen! A client can advance by calling wondering whether he will drive for N rubles from the library to the station, and the dispatcher to him – “I do not know!”. Introduction to the pc (at the user level), high-speed printing (About 120 characters per minute). If you can not even include the “iron” and certainly, the more knock on the keyboard to the sparks, do not worry! This requirement is not always necessary, because not all taxi services are equipped with appliances. Quite often, managers are forced to scribble antiquated way – in notepad by hand.

Knowledge of English. Not necessarily, but preferably, primarily for air traffic controllers in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where so many foreign citizens in need of “auto on-call”. Sociability, good manners, tact. Only a good voice, really, not much will. I remember once talked with one Sweet-siren controller. All would be good (for of voices, especially), but education in it was exactly zero. Muttered under his breath, something like “Hello. Che need something? “(ASU, of course, I really did not hear, but the tone it sounded that way). I asked again: “Good afternoon. Taxi service? “. On that “Scheherazade” yelled: “Tell me your address!” Perhaps, the dispatcher was just not in the mood (which is quite acceptable, but not in her profession), only in that service I no longer call. Never. Personal qualities (Organization, responsibility, diligence). Sounds strange, but judge for yourself: a woman is not able to because of their nesobrannosti even get time to work, lose the right phones, forget where and what goes. Could such “Scattered in the street pool” to organize dozens of drivers across the city? Lacking either of these qualities, the ability to park in taxi service, of course, is (in the passport as of this printing, do not put). But judge for yourself: irresponsible, unorganized lazy will not work no manager, no president or a janitor or a fairy.

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